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    Ecom Coding Nightmare

    Well I'm pretty new to php and ecommerce. My boss is having me design a website for him that he can sell his photography from in 5 different formats (ie 8x10, 5x10 ...). The merchant account he has provides a basic button shopping cart system that can be implemented into a current website. Now heres the problem he has 240 images. Times five thats 1200 different products I would have to put into this shopping cart system. So my thought was to only do the 240 and have some way for there just to be a label of which of the 5 different types was choses. PHP would create the button link along with the appropriate ID.

    So what way should I do in order for the correct id to be selected so that the product will be added to the merchant account basket program, but then also provide a simple label of what product was selected. Perhaps in a secondary email. That I would recieve seperate of the merchant account system.

    Thanks for yalls help,

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    Are you able to access the database and add new values? If so, just add an extra field to the "item ordered" table that has values 1-5 for each of your sizes/different formats. When you need to print this, just create a function that prints out a link for each of these five formats based upon the product ID that you are on (like you previously mentioned). That way you can easily run reports to see which formats are being sold the most etc.

    However, it would be quite a problem if you could only offer certain formats for each picture. So, in the products table, you could create 5 additional fields with a boolean variable for each format. Does that make sense or help?

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    yeah that helps and I understand what your saying. Not I just gotta get in contact with the people and see if thats possible..

    I'm also thinking about coding a secondary fake shopping cart... it would allow what was being purchased to be added to this cart, and then when they hit checkout it would send an email of what they had purchased.. and then i woudl get the secondary email.

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