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    Question Which hosting company in UK with best web stats??

    Can anyone give me any advice on choosing an excellent web hosting company that provides very in-depth web stats to help me with search engine optimisation. For example, the stats should be able to tell me which key words were used with which search engine, rather than just which key words were used overall. Also I would like the hosting company to host me in the UK so that my .com domain name will show up in Plus PHP, MySQL support. is one fine example of a reputable hosting company with all I need, but they are somewhat expensive (I guess you get what you pay for). And they do have that excellent deepmetrix livestats statistical tool for web sites they host which is extremely comprehensive.

    Is there a cheaper alternative? Thanks

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    Not what you asked, but you can just download your raw logs and use some log analysing software to get the info you want. Lots of 30 days trials to test out the one you want.


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    i suggest you decide on a log analysis script and look for a host that supports it, popular ones are AWstats and Urchin.
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    Originally posted by kkarank
    try -
    I`ve been a customer with oneandone before and their customer service (or lack of it) is something to be desired, a support ticket with a "Urgent" rating took 12 days to get any reply from, phone support (if someone answers) always tells you to check the online FAQ`s even though you`ve already done that and theres nothing to help you in there, even after telling them that they still insist on referring you to the FAQ`s.

    Not worth spending the cash on imho

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    I've seen Urchin 5 in action and it's pretty good. You could also go with any host that gives you access to the Rawlogs. that way you can download them and then analyse those logs with specialised software. Good luck!

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    Re: Which hosting company in UK with best web stats??

    Originally posted by cdgeorge
    Also I would like the hosting company to host me in the UK so that my .com domain name will show up in
    Whether the server is in the UK or not, this has nothing to do with Google showing you for UK searches. If you really looking to get a good ranking in this search, rather than focusing on a host use a domain (Even if it is a secondary domain)

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