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Thread: Affiliates - ?

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    Affiliates - ?

    I know, I'm lamer in this field
    So I need help again.
    Could anybody explain me, what does mean affiliate programm? How does it work?

    Is it really the way to earn money via internet, or does it only one of the web-hosting companies' triks to get more customers?

    Thanks, Lein
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    Is this a web hosting question? Or just an affiliate question?

    At any cost, affiliate programs do work - but you need a good website in the search engines (in other words, you need traffic) to make any real money. I don't make money on affiliate programs myself - but MY affiliates make money...

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    i make most of my income thru these programs, mainly by referrals
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    Google might help you here:

    In basic terms of how it works is:

    Webmasters run web sites, they sign up for affilaite programs and schemes that pay them money (a commission) from if THEIR visitor clicks on advertising displayed and buys a product.

    Hosting Discussion - web hosting community.

    Is your company represented?

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    Be carefull on "affiliate program" speakers going around the country (partner went to one in Columbia, SC...) charging people on how to setup a website and make money. They are basically telling people to setup websites and place a bunch of affiliate programs on it... the thought is people will come to your site if you have a bunch of good links. I asked him about content, and he said it was not covered. Then, of course, they offered to build a website for him for a fee to offer affiliate programs... I wonder if that would be 2nd tier profits on their end?

    Duhh... content gets traffic, not a bunch of affiliate program links. I told him he wasted his money and he agreed.
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    better ways

    I think there are better ways to spend your time than to spend it on affiliate programs. Most of them are either scams or a waste of time.

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    That is quite a broad statement mazsola, you need to be careful that is all. Affiliate progams can be quite well paying, but you need traffic or connections with lots of people to make it viable.

    If you own a website related to dogs, if you can find an affiliate/referral program with PetSmart or something you could earn quite a bit of money because people are looking for information about dogs and woudl probably have an interest in dog accessories/food. You can use the thousands of affiliate programs out there to find products which cater to your market and link them to earn money.
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