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    [For Sale] Great Gaming Layout CHEAP!

    Yeh. This is somewhat unfinished, but I'm sure any Photoshop people could make it nice. I need quick money so I'm starting the sale at 35 dollars. It's a great layout for such a small price. Payment will be made through Paypal. Here's the unfinished product.

    Hope you like it.

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    Wow, that is really nice. I am going to take it that the template will be full page and normal and that it is just like that in the preview for copy reasons?


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    Keyword: Layout. Nother one: Unfinished. Meaning a designer could finish it...

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    Yea, Fluorus has some good work, ive worked some what with im in the pass, very young and very talented, just not so much constant on doing what he says he will do ^^. Fluorus nice work there bud, getting alot more open minded in your design, goodluck with your sale.
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    Thanks . Yeh sometimes I don't follow through lol . Most of the time because it's just a little above my level . But thanks for the comment. .

    and btw. it's Fluous . like Flew us

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    er that didnt load fo rme yet gameraxis works fine?
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    Oops. Need to reupload was deleting some stuff and accidently deleted it. *reuploads*

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    Reminds me of the old gotfrag, but i like it a lot
    good luck

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