i give for you 3 top tier .cc names for sale. 2 of the 3 i had planed on puting up at greatdomains (the 3. name - HAIR.cc - i got later , which i would not have any trouble getting it listed on great domains either..), both of these names where accepted at greatdomains (this is quite a while ago - maybe 6 month or so - i got somewhere still the emails)

for the next 48 hours i am asking for offers on each names or the whole package.
offers start at $ 300 for each name or $ 850 for all 3 names.
the highest offer after 48 hours will get the name(s) or the package !

you may want to check google or OV for results on these very strong generic keyword domains !

names at enom / pm or post or email your offer & remember after 48 hours the highest offer will get the name(s) , so be prepared to pay(paypal or check by mail).