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    * my 2 hosts: 1and1 + powweb

    Hey I have 2 websites, one for me and one for my dad, they don't get much traffic because they are personal sites. I went for the "big names", powweb for my dad and the free 1and1 offer for myself. I've been using powweb for 18 months and 1and1 about 6 months.

    Powweb will have short periods of downtime but nothing much and not often. 1and1 seems to be up all the time, though it slows down in the evening. My dad's php forum and mySQL database haven't had problems at powweb though I heard it was an issue before. There is almost zero traffic to it which helps of course! The biggest issue has been there will be periods every few months where the powweb email is inaccessible and can last a couple hours. 1and1 email I haven't used and can't comment.

    Anyhow I would give these companies 4/5 stars for personal website hosting.

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    yes both are big companies and good hosts.

    thanks for your input, appreciated by WHT
    "Web Hosting is not just about selling space, it is about facilitating customers needs with your plans and supporting the customer for a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship."- Yaser

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    Let's see.....
    But do a search on both... You'll see the bad and the good about both.
    73's, Kim
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    My forum on my free 1and1 account is super sluggish! I know it is a free account and you get what you pay for, but I would transfer to another host before paying them once the free part expires

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