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    [For Sale] Exclusive Professional Hosting Layout


    This layout was made to be as unique and professional as it possibly could be.

    There are two versions of this layout, but they only have differences in the header. (Images are watermarked)

    Version One

    Version Two

    The one you choose in the one that will get coded however you do get full rights and PSDs for both styles.

    With this purchase you get -

    - Full Rights to the layout
    - Full Right to the logo (even if you do not plan to use it)
    - Organised PSD, All layers are named and put into appropriate sub groups
    - All the fonts used
    - Any changes within reason that need to be made
    - Coded into basic HTML (Will look exactly like the image)

    The best offer i get around the $75 USD mark will get the layout.

    Ways to contact me -

    Email - [email protected] (Can also use for yahoo messenger)
    AIM - Ne3xx
    Also by PM through these boards.

    Thank you

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    very nice work..
    Professional graphics designer, always available for work.

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    I like, good luck

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    Very nice.


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