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    2 domains being offered -- Anyone interested?

    I have two domains that I'm no longer interested in developing. However, I still have a few projects on my shoulders and I need the cash to develop them. One of them was appraised (research appreaisal) by Afternic. I heard all the fuss about appraisals so you needn't bring it up. If nothing else, these would make a good investment. Here are my offerings:
    Registered at eNom
    Creation date: 16 Oct 2003 12:50:28
    Expiration date: 16 Oct 2004 12:50:28

    Appraised to values: Min $1,100 Max: $7,200

    This domain would be very fitting for an adult website. There are many Southern-themed adult websites but not many with a domain like this.
    Registered at RegisterFly
    Creation date: 20 Dec 2003 22:38:36
    Expiration date: 20 Dec 2004 22:38:36

    This isn't a generic newspaper-ad style domain. The term "virgin college girls" is as fluent as can be (It's better than, say, I never had this appraised but it'd likely be worth doing so.

    How much am I aiming for? I'm personally hoping to sell both as a package for around the early four figure range ($x,xxx) but I'll accept any offer given so long as it's reasonable. Even $1,000 doesn't sound bad (Yes, I need the cash). If you're interested, email me @ randy_pendleton at or message me via ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or AIM (check my profile for contact info).

    You can make offers on Afternic, as well:

    Everything is completely negotiateable.
    Please do NOT post snide remarks about the domain or the appraisal.
    Hope to hear from you all.

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