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    fallus Guest
    This may be interesting...
    note : the prices are UK pounds, not dollars. Still, 99 pm for a RAQ4 or a linux server with AMD K6-2 500 Mhz, 20 GB UltraDMA Hard Disk, 128 MB of SDRAM, 2 IP addresses standaard, 5 GB of Bandwidth per month - that sounds like a good deal. Plus they're Cobalt True Blue Diamont Partners, which (I think) guarantees they're a good company... any opinions?

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    i am a Guest
    uh oh... you didn't read the fine print... 5gb a month? that's really not anything...

    but don't worry, they'll sell you more bandwidth at 2p / mb... that works out to what, 20 pounds a gb...

    so tricky

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    fallus Guest


    Well, 20pounds per gig might be a lot... but the thing is, with other companies, if you exceed your limit with, say 2 mb, the would charge you for an entire gig (I think) - so in that case, paying extra per mb isn't so bad...
    and 5 gig isn't a lot, but for now it's enough for me (for now)... actually, I don't really NEED a dedicated server, but I'd really love one :p

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    I believe bandwidth in the UK is much more expensive than in the US? Many countries have not reached that level of cheap (and good) bandwidth services such as that of the US.

    Just my $0.02 worth

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    Please donate your bandwidth! Each day thousands of Internet users in the UK, like yourself, suffer from transfer rates as low as 1kbps, with your help they can soon benefit from high speed Internet access, unmetered for a small fixed price, like so many million of Americans enjoy. Send your Bandwidth in a large envelope to:

    Bandwidth Appeal,
    10 Downing Street,

    It's ironic that Tony Blair boasts that Internet access in the UK is superior, there hasn't been one stable unmetered ISP in the UK to date (within cost boundaries), ADSL and similar high speed technologies are only available to 35% of the UK and even they can't get it without hefty installation fees and high monthly fees. Some people are still paying 2.40 per hour plus 11.75 per month for basic modem internet access.

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