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    HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL programmer [Available]

    I'm russian php programmer, living in republic of Belarus.
    22 years old.
    I have 2 years experience of php and mysql programming and 5 years
    html/javascript/css/DOM programming.

    I have no design skills. Only html coding and(or) php/mysql (or
    another database you want) programming.

    MSN: Alexander_Yurchik[at]
    Mail: alexander_yurchik[at]

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    I am looking to start a development team and could use your talent. Pm me or email me at blacknaga[at] if you are interested.

    I am a php, perl, and asp developer myself. I am looking to do more project management, business development and customer service.

    Let me know if you are interested.


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    Hey I am doing my designing buisness to and wanna create some great base of designers and programmers.So please get in touch also if u design a site for us we will help to setup your site too with hosting domain and all all free.

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