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    Arrow From paysite to free community. Please review.

    I am the owner of and recently changed our site from a paid subscription site to a free community based site.

    We would like your opinion on new setup and any suggestions that you might have.

    Also we're looking for users to register and contribute to the community.

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    I like that concept, although you should be carefull of garbage posts just to get templates.

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    Interesting business model how is it going?

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    The site is doing pretty good so far. We're monitor ALL post by users to make sure they're high quality. We quickly delete all spam post and ban their account from accessing the site all together. Since the site is 100% vB when we place a ban on them they cant view and of the site.
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    i like the nice clean design!

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    We now have Thumbnails and Screenshots enabled for all users to view but users must have a post count of 10 before downloading zip files. A lot of users has been requesting this.
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