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    My ex-host, wanted to know if anyone else has a site hosted by them?
    I thought they were a mediocre host. Some downtime which was frustrating, but they were cheap, and was all I could afford at the time.
    Webhosting at Graypics -- The right way to go...

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    Just signed up with the express purpose of giving you a warning.

    I won't bore you with details (PM me if you really want them), but I wouldn't touch supanames again whilst there was another host on the planet available to choose from. Appalling. Absolutely appalling.

    I made the mistake of hosting a couple of projects with them and am really paying for it.

    I thought they were a mediocre host
    I just wish they were that good.

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    I'm with at the moment been with them for the past 4 years no hassle at all...... Nominated/voted number 1 in the UK...... Excelent support..

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    Never used them, but heard a lot of bad things about them. They look just too cheap.

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