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    Anyone has experience with them? I m not really convinced.. but we have a registered business in Europe and it seems there're no companies to choose from!

    This morning I sent an email with some questions and this is what I' ve just received:

    These recipients of your message have been processed by the mail server:
    [email protected]; Failed; 5.1.3 (bad destination mailbox address syntax)

    their primary email contact doesn't work (2 attempts with 2 different email addresses, same result...) there's no other email address and their live chat is offline.

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    I have not heard any negatives about them. There is a frequent poster here on the forums, 74s3, who uses them and apparently is quite happy with the service.

    You may want to check again later on today. Perhaps they are having some technical issues at the moment? - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    I am not certain if they are owned by AVP Solutions or not? I cannot remember. But I did read another message in another fourm about some things with them & could not recommend them to anyone in good conscience.

    Also I checked the process54 site to find out but it was down just down so I could not confir that.

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    Yes hello we do use them.

    I think they're moving their public site to a different ISP.

    it hasnt effected us processing. We can only speak highly of them.



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