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    Optimal query for count and select

    I've got two tables:

    -PersonId (int)
    -Name (varchar)
    -Type (int)
    -Status (int)


    -Status (int)
    -Description (varchar)

    What I want:
    - Get for every Status of [status], which is unique, the number of persons matching that particular status, de Status itself and the Description. If possible, I want to limit this action to a given Type.

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    Since you didn't specify what RDBMS you were using, I'm going to assume MySQL.

    (One Query)

    Untested, and probably won't work, but atleast it gives you something work with:

    SELECT DISTINCT status.Status, count(person.PersonId) as total_p, status.Description FROM status, person WHERE status.Status = person.Status;

    Here is the way to do it using two queries (PHP):

    PHP Code:
    function parse($input)
    $ret '(\'';
    $val) = each($input))
    $ret .= $val."','";
    $ret substr($ret,0,strlen($ret)-2);
    $ret .= ')';
    $list mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT status FROM Status"));

    $num_persons mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT PersonId FROM person WHERE Status IN ".$list)); 
    Here would be the way to do it if your MySQL server supports subselects (4.1+)

    SELECT count(PersonId) AS num_persons WHERE Status = (SELECT DISTINCT Status FROM status);
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    Thank you. The query will not work, since the hard linking between status and person will cause a no-row instead of a zero, when there are no people with that particular status.

    It's too bad I'm stuck with MySQL 3.23...

    I think I rephrase the problem.

    Two tabels (person en status).

    -PersonID (int)
    -Type (int)
    -Name (varchar)
    -Status (int)

    -Status (int)
    -Description (varchar)

    How do I get the next output:

    -number of persons with this particular status

    I have in my table [status] 3 records with Status as 10, 20 and 30
    Secondly, I have 10 persons in [person].
    7 persons have -Status = 10
    3 persons have -Status = 20
    0 persons have -Status = 30

    How do I get the following output?

    Record 1
    Status = 10
    Description = 10-description
    Count_p = 7

    Record 2
    Status = 20
    Description = 20-description
    Count_p = 3

    Record 3
    Status = 30
    Description = 30-description
    Count_p = 0

    Additionally / Optionally
    And how can I narrow the output with a given Type of Status?

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    mysql> SELECT DISTINCT status.Status, count(person.PersonId) as total_p, status.
    Description FROM person right join status on status.status = person.status group by status.status;
    | Status | total_p | Description   |
    |      1 |       7 | 1-description |
    |      2 |       3 | 2-description |
    |      3 |       0 | 3-description |
    3 rows in set (0.00 sec)
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