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    Who created these templates and is it true that you have master resell rights

    Are these from TemplateMonster, BoxedArt or somewhere else?

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    I have seen this before, you can get it on ebay for $14.99 at various times as people resell them. I am unsure of the legal agreements though.


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    I looked over the designs and what caught my eye was that there is alot of template monster graphics and elements that have been incorporated into different designs.

    I would send the link to template monster, but I know they wont do anything about it anyway.

    I wouldnt buy it though, not worth it IMHO.

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    This is what is says at the very very bottom:

    To whom it may concern: uAuthorize Corporation purchased resale rights to these templates and scripts.

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    Wow! I don't know for sure, but being the skeptic that I am I would say there is definately a catch.

    Also I agree with Marque, I know I have seen a lot of those graphics on

    By the way I am new to these forums and am overwhelmed by all the great info!

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    Yeah, I wouldnt trust it at all. I'm willing to bet that its just some kid that downloaded a bunch of template monster templates and modified them and zipped them up.

    It might not be such a bad idea to contact TM about this and see what they say about it.

    xyte: welcome to the forums

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    Every single one of those are part of these templates that were stolen and then spread around. They got them for free. Ypu will always see them grouped together.

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    So how come they haven't been stopped yet? I looked into these guys a little bit more and these templates are definately the same ones from Template Monster, Deonix, and Boxed Art.

    They also sell a software that supposedly enables you to steal all files and structure from any unprotected website. That is shady! I know I put a lot of work into my sites and would hate for someone to steal my work. I am really appauled that someone would do this!

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