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    Programmers, give me your quote!

    For shop sales, they will be given a freephone number to call my office. We will have 3 phone lines, all the same number, linked up to a computer so we know if it is indeed that shop calling and not someone trying to hoax us. Now when they call up, the number they're calling from needs to match a number on the computer database to confirm who is calling, do you have any advice on
    how this happens ?

    this friend of mine is in UK
    wht he needs to Track is a Phone no which will go to his PC & check if it is there in the DB is this possible ?

    for eg : I am a Reseller & there are 100s like me
    now When I call from my shop to him (my friend whos tel shoud be connected to a Computer) MY TEL NO shoud go to his PC & it will check tht my Tel no is in the DB or not so tht I not anybody can Cheat My friend by calling him.

    do i make Sense ?

    Callcenters ,eg: People call from across the country & this CallCenter people answer them by wearing HeadPhones connected to their Computers

    Please PM me your quote and timeframe. Need to choose somebody right away.

    Awaiting your response.

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