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    * [Rookie] Will install PHP, CGI, and ASP Scripts.


    My goal is to raise $135 for various reasons of payment. I am a rookie at installing PHP Scripts but I can install just about anything. I will be happy to take a look at the script and get started. If it seems complicated enough i'll try with your permission. I'm very flexible at what I do and i'm usually on from Noon - Midnight. My rates are cheap...

    $15 - PHP Scripts
    $30 - CGI Scripts
    $45 - ASP Scripts

    If your interested I have aim and msn. Please pm me for my msn screen name, but my aim name is EGN Kerry.

    Voice for Sale

    I am currently selling my voice for $250 - $350 for sales and support purposes. My voice has a Texan accent with a serious tone. If you wish to have an example please private message me your 800, 866, etc with the approiate extention. This is so I know you are serious on the purchase of my voice. You will also need to provide the phrase you wish for me to say and your support number must be able to record from a remote location."


    Kerry Jones
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    Kerry Jones

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