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Thread: Hello All,

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    Cool Hello All,

    Hello all,

    Ok I am sure alot of people here either run a hosting business or already have hosting.

    I am looking for a way to get my company knowin, I have alot to offer my price's are almost perfect, my packages come with alot of features, plus we offer full 24/7/365 days support, we always respond within 15 to 60 mins and never make any support issiue last more then 24 hours. We are very quick and very good at what we do.

    Futher more, as well as running a hosting business I also do within the same website web design and development, Web Application development, graphic design, print work and many more.

    So this is what I am looking for,

    (1) How can i promote my business to gain the clientel?
    (2) What is it that most people want from a business in this type of feild.
    (3) What should i really be offering, and at what prices?

    You can see my site at

    Please contact me a.s.a.p if you can help me, or even if you need better hosting.

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    First, nice try with the sly advertising.. but it didnt pass me.

    The Advertising Forums are for advertising.
    First, google adwords are a great place to advertise.
    2nd, keep up the great work with support times.
    Third, develop those forums on your site, or take them off.
    Fourth, get a new domain name as the current one is quite long. Meaning it is harder to remember.


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    Pricing is very low... which can be good, or can be bad.

    Good - attracts more people, thus more sales, more profit.

    Bad - Impression, some people may think you are a kiddy host trying to make quick money; hard to make a lot of profit (longterm); may not be able to hire as many staff members.

    Hope that helps,

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    Ok I am not 100% sure on why you think my domain is long is shrot from some hosting companies.
    and I can not change my domain name because its Reg already,

    and if I reg a new one then my Nameservers are useless.

    I really want to get the company going, I have 12 clients already, and have been in this for about 1 year now.

    I am not sure what i am doing wrong, is it my website look, or what. if any you can help me make something better and more out there to people that come to my site would help alot.

    I mean i can offer you free hosting if you help me or would be able to pay but not alot of money, since I am still very small.

    Please let me know if one of you could help, I am trying my best to design the site, I just put that site up and already i hate it.

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