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    WHT Special! 1-4U/Midtower and 1Mbps Colo = $49/Month

    Net Sentry is proud to announce our new Richmond, VA facility and to celebrate we are offering the following specials for any of our 3 locations. These are only good until midnite Friday, May 21st.

    1-4U/Midtower w/1Mbps = $49/Month $49/Setup
    1-4U/Midtower w/5Mbps = $199/Month $49/Setup
    1-4U/Midtower w/10Mbps = $399/Month $49/Setup

    Each includes:
    10Mbps port
    5 Usable IP's
    Free reboots
    Server monitoring and notification
    MRTG graph

    You can log into our Customer Service Environment demo account here using [email protected] and password.

    These deals are available in Richmond, VA, Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA. You must contact us directly as this pricing is not listed on our site yet.

    We also have the following rack and cabinet deals:

    1/4 Rack w/5 amps and 5Mbps = $299/Month $99/Setup
    1/2 Rack w/10 amps and 5Mbps = $399/Month $99/Setup
    Full Rack w/20 amps and 10Mbps = $599/Month $99/Setup
    Full Cabinet w/20 amps and 10Mbps = $999/Month $199/Setup

    Test IP: - Richmond, VA - Dallas, TX - LA, CA

    Shaun Gregory
    Net Sentry Corp, LLC
    [email protected]
    AIM - mripguru / ICQ - 94390799 / Yahoo - mripguru / MSN - [email protected]

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    my pings show:

    55 ms /14 hops through level3 - - Richmond, VA
    110ms (second time 500 ms???) - 16 hops level3 again - Dallas, TX
    no response but whoa tracert goes to texas datacenter - - LA, CA

    so lessoned learned by my post, dont trust gilberts results

    i want to wish all shoppers best of luck on WHT in finding great quality and service
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    We are having hardware problems with the test IP server in LA which should be resolved later today. That test IP routes through our Texas datacenter because of the backbone between our facilities.

    Depending on where you are located in the US you will enter our network in any one of our 3 facilities.

    Please feel free to test from various locations and post results here as that allows us to plan for future peering and continue to improve our network.
    * Shaun Gregory, President
    * [email protected] | Sales: (877) 7-GETNSC
    * Black Lotus Communications - The IRC hosting and DDoS management company
    * Net Sentry Corp, LLC - Dropping the floor on transit pricing nationwide

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