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    cronjob/tab newbie help

    hello i dont know a thing about cron so... i'm trying to do a cron job it says i have to do the following
    1. crontab -e
    2. 0,30 * * * * nice /pathto/

    first are the stars mean my ip or something? or i just leave it as it? also it opens up a bunch of lines how do i insert that line(2). save and check whether is working? see whether it'll auto update

    thanks in advance

    btw this is psychostats for counter strike

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    From the man page at :

    	   field	 allowed values
    	   -----	 --------------
    	   minute	 0-59
    	   hour		 0-23
    	   day of month	 1-31
    	   month	 1-12 (or names, see below)
    	   day of week	 0-7 (0 or 7 is Sun, or use names)
    So your line means:
    run "nice /pathto/" on the 0 and 30th minute of every hour, every date, every month and every weekday.
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    oh ok thanks, i also want to run another script but 35 min every of every hour, so shall i do this?

    0,30 * * * * nice /pathto/
    do i need the "nice"? so for psycho stats to update the logs that has been downloaded?( auto download program)

    thx in advance

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