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    i'm receiving a lot of bounced mails from aol and other servers saying that mail cannot be delivered due to users not found.. on further investigation into header of the mail, i see that spammers has been spoofing my domain name to send out spam... some random [email protected] is used to send out spam.. i'm sure none of the emails originated from my server because there's nothing in the log files to indicate any of these mails were sent from the server...

    if this continue, i'm afraid my domain might be banned as spam...

    how can i deal with this "domain spoofing" by the spammers?

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    You cant do much to stop them.

    Spamlists dont block by domain, so you dont have to worry about it.

    They block based on the IP the email originated from, so if their mailserver uses xx.xx.xx.xx , the blacklist would block that ip not the domain.

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