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    ServerMatrix: AUP Disconnect

    I have a server at SM, it is an email server. Today I find that SM disconnect my server from network because of Lack of responsible for: "SPAM ticket".

    Last 2 days, I found that there is an email sending spam to network but imediately I block the email and spam messages. At the same day, SM send me a "SPAM ticket" but I did not receive email from SM ticket support system because of email problem so I did not reply to the ticket.

    Now my server is disconnect from network, can anybody here help me on how to get my server back online. I had done my best to block all spam messages.

    Thanks for all reply.

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    The only folks that can really help you are at ServerMatrix. Have you called them?

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    I have just create a support ticket and tell them what happened and what I did as my responsibility.

    In the ticket, SM forwarding to abuse department for investigation, do I need to call SM when they update the ticket status as this?

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    When I call them, they said that i have to wait 12 hours for the abuse department working in the morning.

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