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    cPanel X Theme or Rvskin?

    Im just wondering if i should bye Rvskin for my server. what are some of the ups and downs for rvskin?

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    RVskin is the best thing out there for cpanel, gives the client and resellers so much more control, and even yourself more control of what the client see's.

    IMHO, Its worth every cent it costs to get it.

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    I used to love the X skin, but somehow when CPanel bought it they managed to make it look ugly

    I like the looks of RVSkin alright, but it seems to give you a lot more control.
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    rvskin enhances and extends the functionalities of cpanel. you'll get more control of what your clients see and use.

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    Absolutely! The functionality of rvskin is what drove me to it. And the skins aren't bad either.. I beleive they want to open it up to allow the community to be able to skin it, via a skin editor of sorts...

    Price, Functionality and control..'s got my vote!

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