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    My Review of Colocation.

    A few months ago I was looking for someone offering nice prices in the XO Fremont center for a low commit… Definitely not an easy one to find… after talking with MFJP for a little, he sent me over to NationHosts and they caught my eye. There prices are very nice, and looks like they will be around for a while.

    After a week or so of throwing #’s around and figuring out exactly what I wanted I got a nice price (Was not worth the effort to try to talk them down, especially for practically no commitment on my part ). A couple days later I went in to install my box, met one of the guys that runs ETHR that helped me install my system. Very smooth process !

    I definitely recommend NationHosts for there Prices and the Quality of the network that you collocation on.

    The only downside that I have found to NationHosts and probably “you get what you pay for”, is the time it takes for them to get a cage monkey in to flip a switch. I started out with them thinking that, I have never needed a remote reboot setup before, why should I pay the extra $. IT KILLS! . For the amount of $ it costs, I should have picked it up a long time ago, but I will be getting it pretty soon!

    Because I had my box offline for maintenance, and since I was writing this review… How long does it take for them to get my server back online if I shut it down?

    Just to prove it takes time for them to get a monkey to flip the switch, I ran “shutdown –h now” on my box at around 6:20 Pacific time, and my box is still down (8pm, and counting…). Remote Reboot Port here I come . Although I don’t know if it would help to have a reboot port if the box was “Shut Down” 

    Other than that, it is a great service, great prices, very flexible and sweet pings!

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    if your machine is configured to power on after power failure, shutting it down will not interfere with that. in the future, you may want to make sure that reboots are not billed as remote hands time before you go testing your host like that =]

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    back online

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    Originally posted by Scottl
    back online

    I was going to do a little test, my box at went down at 6:30pm PST, and i was hoping to have it back up before or about the same time yours came back online. No such luck, 8:31pm, and still down. The IP Block is still online though, so its just my machine for some reason, reboot request put in at 6:30.

    First problem i've had with them in 3months, not to bad considering all of the horror stories here about them. I can't get too upset since i've done my research on them, and realized what i was getting into.

    Either way, glad to hear your network is to your liking, i've also been talking with lately, along with some others for colo, nice to get a semi-review.
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    I sent a tech out to turn on your server. I appologize for the inconvenience as I will have my own techs shortly to control hardware related problems. Right now we rely on however our own techs are being added to the list of access for the cage to work on everything.
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