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    No Credit Card Hosts

    I'm looking for a way to register a domain without using a credit card as I do not have one.

    Anyone aware of site I can register through cheque or money order?

    Any other suggestions?

    Thank you very much.

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    well some companies may let you send a check but it would take a long time to get your domain....
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    'some companies' ? Could you please be a little bit more specific. I searched far and wide and was able to find a total of 0 companies that would let me register with them through cheque or money order. I understand that I would have to wait a while.

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    Well, it really depends. If you contact some companies by e-mail and request it, most will allow it. It's not a thing typically advertised as it is hard to update the progress with automated scripts, but most companies will do it. Lots of web hosts will also do it for you. In most cases, you will have to send in the check before the domain name is registered.

    A question to you is, why not use an eCheck? Most domain registrars, like the one I use ( allow PayPal which means you can send an eCheck through PayPal to them. This is an instantaneous check.

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    Originally posted by jml3188
    A question to you is, why not use an eCheck? Most domain registrars, like the one I use ( allow PayPal which means you can send an eCheck through PayPal to them. This is an instantaneous check.
    Depends on if the poster lives in a country that is accepted by PayPal.

    It is true that many companies will accept payments in the form of a check, however most of the time they will require you to have a US based account if the host is located in the US. I've seen the same with the UK. The reason being that routing numbers are different for each country and there is a lot of hassle in accepting them with some banks if (for example you're in the US) the check doesn't have a nine digit routing number.

    Anyway, when a host can accept your check payment, they will usually require you to send payment and have it clear before they will process your domain. So, they cannot guarantee that the domain will be available once they actually have the money in hand. You have one to several days time in transit, then three to five business days to clear the check. However, if you're confident that the domain won't be registered by someone else and you're not in a big hurry, then there is no problem with accepting them.
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    True. I didn't think to ask what country the person is located in.

  7. #7 ... they accept paypal

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    You can register a domain name with Godaddy with cheque as well.
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  10. #10 - they accept paypal as well.
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    Yes most places will do check or money order but it depends on how fast you want you domain or service.
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    I haven't actually looked into it, but I'm not sure many places would want to sell domains other than by credit card. Sounds like risky business to me. There would be 2 choices:

    1) Company waits until they receive a check to process the sale of the domain. The risk here is that someone else might buy that domain between when the check is sent and when it is actually received and processed.

    2) Company processes the order, "sells" the doman, and then never receives a bad check or no check at all. There's probably some way that the domain can be taken back by the registrar, but I don't know that for sure. - webhosting geared towards personal websites and small businesses.

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    If you have a checking account, then you can use your debit card number to make online purchases.

    It technically isn't a credit card, but I use it regularly to make online purchases.
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  14. #14 have domain names at $5.95 for the first year and accept checks and money orders.

    Also, they are a domain name registrar (not a reseller), so you forego the risks - such as the higher likelihood of going belly up - that can exist with resellers.


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    You should be able to pay via check, paypal or wiretransfer a lot of places.
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