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    Colocating a Single 1U server in Cali

    well i used search and read many of the older posts and i figured it would just be easier to make a post and ask.

    I am looking to colocate a single 1U server and i live in AZ.
    However from what i can tell the pricing in cali is much better then AZ. I make frequent trips to LA and cali every couple of months anyway.

    What i am looking for is single 1U space for my dell. Im not going to be using much bandwidth in the beginning as i do not have many clients as of now.

    The main thing im looking for is being able to burst to 10mbit.Im almost positive that i will not exceed 500gb of transfer a month for at least 6 months.

    So basically im looking for realistic quotes on the following plans.

    1U on 10mbit port burstable - 500gb transfer per month
    1U on 10mbit port burstable - 2mb/sec transfer
    1U on 10mbit port burstable - 3mb/sec transfer
    1U on 10mbit port burstable - 5mb/sec transfer

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    check out not in LA but you didnt specify it had to be there.
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    Whichever Colo Provider you decide on, and there are many throughout Los Angeles and California, just stay away from CI Host and CalPOP. Do a WHT search on either name.

    You can also do a WHT search on "colocation los angeles", or "colocation california". I'm sure there will be plenty of results to read through.

    Good Luck.

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