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    Something to fix incorrect quota amounts?

    Is there something I can run or type that will fix my quota amounts shown under "List Accounts" in WHM?

    I have accounts that I KNOW are taking up space, and have quotas of 250 megs, etc.. however under "list accounts" in WHM it still shows the space used as 0 and the quota as unlimited.

    Any suggestions?

    Not sure if it matters, but these accounts were all created using the "Restore a Full Backup" feature, as I moved them in from other servers.. I have alos re-created my packages on the new dedicated machine, and re-assigned the restored accounts to the new package, however the quotas and space used amounts still appear incorrectly.


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    SSH into your box and use this command:

    It usually takes some time depending on the number of accounts on the machine.

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    Run the /scripts/fixquotas and make sure quota support is compiled and enabled in the kernel. This may require a server reboot// Your problem could also have to do with server caching.

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