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    You probably don't want to setup a production webserver on your desktop machine.

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    If this is for testing and what-not that's fine other than that, don't try it
    John Heslop

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    You could try one of the MANY pre-packaged servers out there. My personal favorites are PHPerl2 [] for an Apache-based solution and Abyss Webserver [] for a smaller (and easier to manage) solution. PHPerl2 is Windows-only, but Abyss runs on quite a few platforms. I found them both very easy to install, but I had prior experience installing Apache on my box. If you still need help feel free to e-mail me

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    How is it that you guys know that a web server would not be a good thing for him without even asking what sort of system he is running. For all you guys know he could be running a system with dual P4s and 2 gigs of ram with a fiber optic cable running in through his window.

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    dstokes I agree. hockeydude what are your comp specs?

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