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    Exclamation PhpBB Customization needed

    I have to say this site is starting to get a bad name! It has nothing to do with the site, but more to do with the fact that there are too many dishonest people out there!

    I needed a logo designed, I agreed on $100. Paid $50 up front and what was delivered was a Joke. Never heard from him again. He was from GMT+2.

    Second designer, did a great pair of designs, $70, at GMT+9 hours was touch. I am in NY, he in India. Completed 80%, then had a work emergency, and never completed the job.

    Now, I currently have stock phpBB installed, as well as vwar 1.5 for my gaming clan.

    I simply need some Phpbb blocks integrated in to the front page design. You can see the base installs at:

    I have already designed an awesome logo, by accident using Fireworks MX 2004. (I combined 2 logos I did, plus a banner for Phpnuke somehow, making stuff transparent and it looks great. So I have the banner.

    I need custom Buttons (I counted, there are 63 of them), but basically it is one button design, and the text changes for the other buttons.

    I need some blocks added, such as serverspy for my servers, a paypal donation block, and a few others. These blocks are already coded an available for PhpNuke, some move right over to PhpBB easily... for example.. the security login code...

    (I am a C programmer/Unix for years, but not Php).

    You can watermark stuff, or whatever, but I am not paying in full or down payment until I see the site work. Once it works, I get the code with no watermarks, you get paid in full.

    It is easy to verify who I am. I have several sites on the internet, and belong to some associations that provide full information as a federal government requirement.

    So You can find me. But I know nothing about you. I am at GMT-5, EDT, the USA. Nothing personal, but note the two times I was ripped off, neither was in the US. You MUST be in the United States. Don't even bother if you are outside the USA. Now I know why most EBAY vendors don't ship outside the US.

    Many make the money the easy way... they steal it!

    email: [email protected]
    alternate: [email protected]

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    I hate hearing stuff like this. Makes it harder for the honest people...

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    Very sad. What about if your in Canada? I am in GMT -5 too. What look are you looking for? I am full-well happy with doing the work and getting paid after, just as long as I do get paid. I understand full well where you come from. Getting ripped is not fun.


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