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    Thumbs up Looking For Co-Owner


    I am hoping to start a new hosting Company. I am looking for a Co-Owner to split the profits with.

    Here are a few requirements...

    - Must be experienced
    - Must be available at most times
    - Willing to put time and effort into building this
    - Must have AIM to contact me so we can talk
    - Must be friendly
    - Have ability to get numerous customers

    Those are a few of my requirements. PM me, post here, or contact me on AIM at Phill11SNC to talk more about this. You may have to invest some money, but the company will be considered a partnership.

    Please let me know,


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    Job has been filled. Thanks for everyones interest.

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    you said you needed co-owner and now you say that the job has been filled.
    So you mean you will treat your co-owner as your employee ...!

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    The Job is now available again. Please contact me if intrested again.

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    My question is, as with all the other people looking for hosting partners on this site, after looking at your requirements for the co-owner what exactly would you be bringing to the table? It looks as those the partner would provide practically everything: Knowledge, customers, money, etc.

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