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    I order a account for my customer (on NT server) in july last year for 1 year but now my customer website and HERCULESHOSTER.COM don't work at all!!

    Anyone know what is wrong with them.

    My customer said to me that his website is down since 3 days.
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    Check out the whois, call him up.
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    Been gone for over a month now. Closed up, packed up, left town and took their customers money with them.

    I went with them in Sept. last year and they were great until Feb. this year when their stats program stopped working, they stopped answering support email (although they still answered sales email). Their servers slowed to a crawl at that time too.

    I can still access my account through FTP but URL access has been gone after April 15. If you or your customer have files there you need or you need to backup your site do it now before they completly shut down.

    Oh, and I haven't seen my refund yet and probably never will. Below is the email notification I received on April 7:

    HerculesHoster will stop serving its virtual web hosting service by April 15th.
    Your website will be stopped at the time. We recommend you to back up your
    files and move your domain to a different location. If you have registered the domain with us,
    please first go to or, then login
    use your FTP login info. If you cannot login, please email us your domain name
    and the password you signed up with us. We will help you transfer the domain name
    ****Your credit will be refunded to your original credit card within 30days****


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    i wonder why people host with such unknown names?? why dont they go to the big directories and search them out.

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    Because big directories are full of hosts that pay money to be listed as the best host.
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    Originally posted by MN-Robert
    Because big directories are full of hosts that pay money to be listed as the best host.
    uhmm may be.

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    Let me rephrase that 95% of directories are paid by hosts to get them listed as number 1
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    But this was a odd one, I have never come into contact with them, or been a customer of theirs; but when they closed down I recieved 3 odd emails from them. The first included a paragraph about if I had a domain with them I could access it via godaddy blah blah....

    The 2nd and 3rd got me though, looks like someone instead of addressing all of the customers in a email, they put all of their customer's email addresses in the body of the email and sent it, I got 2-3 pages of pure customer emails from HH....

    I told them about it, no responce though....go figure...

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    I found HerculesHosting through: Back in the days before finding WebHosting Talk and learning a few things, Hercules sounded like a pretty good deal to me, in fact they worked quite well for the first 5 months.

    Reading this forum it seems like a lot of people get burned by some of the hosting sites out there, there are just so many and it’s hard to tell the good from the bad. WebHosting Talk sure provides a valuable service providing a forum where people can speak about their experience with web hosts and help others in the decision process.

    I moved my site from Hercules to based a lot on the positive comments on Jaguar I have read here. I am also going month to month with them as suggested in this forum to see how they do before committing to an annual payment. So far so good with Jaguar and many thanks to Webhosting Talk and the people in this forum.

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