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    Lightbulb Simple Firewall appliance for 4U

    I heard linksys' little wrt54g wireless router is running linux and iptables and thought something similar but non-wireless would make a perfect little firewall/gateway for my 4U box.

    Does anyone know of a similar inexpensive router that runs iptables?

    Are there intelligent PCI network cards that run their own firewall?

    Do most who are colocating a simple server just run a software firewall on their box?

    I'd like to keep my box as free as possible from the extra burdon, so am looking for alternatives. I imagine a little router should fit in a 5" bay.


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    If you only have one server, it would make sense to just run firewall software on that one server.
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    I'll probably do that for now. I did find there are a few alternatives as I thought there might be. But the best one: an equivalent to the WRT54G in wired format I couldn't find.

    Closest thing is m0n0wall...


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