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    Customer Database Software


    The company I work for is looking for a customer tracking system that is flexbile, and that is also portable to other formats if we need a different database system later.

    We have 800 clients. Until now, we used a flat-text file and a special viewer tool that will update records across the net. Long story.

    So I want to change this database, but not to some weird format that can't later be converted to another one... In other words, I don't want to be stuck with some database that I can't convert back to a flat text file somehow and am stuck with.

    It also should be secureable with SSL or some sort of encryp[tion.

    Any ideas???

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    You can connect to MS SQL Server over an SSL connection (and MSDE it's free little brother) and data internal to the tables can be encrypted. Since its a relational database you export the data in variety of formats.


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    check this software out

    hope it helps.
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    it's not what you think you want but it is what you want
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