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    0 for sale! for sale. Considering all offers!

    Google Results:
    69,400 for "Wireless ISPs"

    "Wireless Internet access is projected to skyrocket within the next two years as small to medium players begin to roll out access to the one place large ISPs will not go - the rural areas."

    Excellent investment for the upcoming WiFi revolution! Easy to remember. Light traffic, but all type-ins. Ideas include but not limited to:

    1. Directory-style website for WISPs (Paid inclusion for individual WISP locations),

    2. B2B Wireless network leveled at vendors of wireless technology,

    3. Start your own!

    Please PM me if you have any questions. Post sold to claim!

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    Domain still available. Offers accepted.

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    What are you looking for price wise?
    -Robert Norton

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