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    background color of input fields

    I had a few clients contacting me in the past regarding the "problem" with their web sites. The problem was with the forms and the fact that background color of some input fields is bright yellow, and in all cases that would clash with the rest of the site. I was not able to reproduce this as in my firefox on linux everything displayed just the way I would like it to, so I just blamed it on some windows' setting and moved on.

    ...but, I just installed WMvare and now I get to see the sites the way my clients did, and this bright yellow thing really looks crappy. To make the long story short, if it is not already too late for that, the "problem" is with google toolbar. One of its, not too obvious, options is that it can hightlight form fields that it can PreFill. Some of the affected fields are name and email This "feature" will overwrite whatever style you give to this input field unless you do something like:

    input {
    background-color: #000000 !important ;

    The key word here is "!important". That will prevent google toolbar from tempering with page layout, and it will still preserver it's functionality.

    I hope this helps someone and I also hope that I am not last guy on the Internet to learn about this.

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    Thanks for that tip..
    I knew google toolbar was doing it, but i didnt know why it was only highlighting some of the boxes.

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    Thnx man...

    thats very important to keep in mind for professional design..

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