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    Moderately Priced Ecommerce Host


    I'm looking for a host for a web site that has about 450 members currently, all kept in an Access database. There is potential to reach 1000 members.

    The organization would like to redesign their web site and take payment for membership on the web site.

    Basically, I need a host that offers good reliability, a decent amount of space (probably no more than 500 mb), SSL, perhaps SQL Server database support, e-commerce supprot, and ASP or ASP.Net.

    Thanks for your recommendations.

  2. #2 is pretty cheap and offers what I need. Is anyone familiar with this company?

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    Sorry for not posting in same post.

    Dont compromise on your ecommerce needs

    your ecommerce is what runs your business, be very picky and choose the host after asking lots and lots of questions, might ask for some clients as well.


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    617 is running on a DSL connection from home. I will not say more about them, because it has been discussed zillion times in the threads.

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    Thanks for the heads-up!

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    You kids, I mean competitors really like talking trash about our company on these boards. We do not host customers on DSL as per your insinuation, nor have we ever. The lowest pipe ever used for customers has been a DS1. Your statement is very ignorant. WHT why do you allow this from competitors? Do this board have no personal morals?

    If you competitors keep this up we will join the game.

    You obviously donít know who we are or anything about our company.

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