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    ASP or JSP or PHP or CGI for free

    Hi everybody !
    I wont to construct the following web page. Page should contain many short stories. User can read this stories and give them marks. According to this marks, story are sorted (in the order from worth to the best). User should also be able to send his personal story. If I correctly understand I need to find server that support ASP or JSP or PHP or CGI, It is not? If yes, do you know free server which support mentioned web processing technology?
    Thank you.

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    Personally, I would utilize PHP coding to do what you need. CGI code is outdated and hard to work with, JSP is relatively new, and few free hosts if any will provide it due to it's cost, and ASP is a windows coding language - you'd be hard pressed to find a free service using windows also due to cost and upkeep.

    You will most likely find a free host that offers PHP.
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    i belive in place of cgi you mean perl

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    Most likely perl, but the problem is the implementation, not the language. The fork()-per-request model is painfully expensive, even if the end application is written in assembly.
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    I believe posting your question/searching here might prove to be helpful:

    Good luck!

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    Check for a fantastico package with the host you choose.
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    As Yaser said Fantastico is an awesome package. It allows you to install lots of different programs on your account. PHP would be your best bet for a free host.

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    Hello there,

    There are many hosts out there that would be willing to provide everything you have stated above in return for banner/link advertising on your site. I have personally been sponsered by a hosting business and they provided me with the domain, space and bandwidth, which I needed to run the site. They also provided me with all other features, such as email accounts, PHP, MySQL Databases etc obviously in return for banner advertising.

    I was more than glad to allow them to place a banner on the site, instead of signing up with a free host and getting pop-ups here, there and everywhere.

    Try speaking with a few hosts, and see what they can offer you. Best of luck.

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