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    ms exchange hosts or not

    just wanted opinions and suggestions of alternatives

    we are a cpa firm currently using outlook. the only features we use are email, calander, contacts.(web site in future)

    one of our clients was hosting us gratus, they are not doing this service anymore since they are not a hosting company

    they are suggesting we find a hosting compnay that does ms exchange.

    i was thinking that maybe we should just find a shared hosting service for web page and email

    and maybe use anohter program for our calander and contacts (we run basic peer to peer network on XP)

    thanks for any imput, it is appreciated

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    If you're looking for the low cost, and little hassle solution - go with just a shared host. That will get your email running right away with webspace you can use to build your future site.

    The much more expensive way would be through an MS ExChange provider or inhouse (if you're so inclinced )
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    More expensive as far as the host, but is it cheaper to train all the employees using this software currently to work on a different platform? Or atleast using other software, or a total different setup in Outlook.

    Its nothing anyone here could/should decide for you. If this is your firm, you need to think whether you want to pass up the training already taken care of with the older software, combined with the cheaper as far as the email hosting goes, With your current solution of having to spend a bit more money/time on finding a good host and not having to worry about getting the rest of the office up to speed on doing work other ways.

    Another factor you might want to consider is how critical is it that you stick with the current platform. Can you accept having a few weeks/months that are sketchy at best with employees not knowing how to deal with the other software?

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    we are a small firm and would only have to train a couple of people

    cash allocated 1000 bux year

    reliability is biggest concern - email is only thing critical

    thanks for replys and thoughts on those possible issues that i have overlooked

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    I would recommend that you poke around people's signatures, use the Host Quote feature above, do a search on anyone that you're interested in and ask your prospective hosts a lot of questions before hand. What you're looking for is very reasonable and with your budget, you should be able to get some good hosting. With your budget, I would probably recommend
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    You could go with a normal shared host and still use hte Outlook platform that you are use to using. From where you are now, I don't see a need for Exchange, granted it is a great system.

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    I was under impression that i needed exchange server to have shared contact/calendar

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