Computer Steroids has been around since March 2001 and we are very proud to offer WHT'ers what actually is sound hosting. The full details have been posted below for this plan, if you have any questions at anytime please dont hesitate to contact us

*Standard Hosting Package
*Sign-UP Form Here
*$10 /month
*1 Gigabyte of Server Space
*40 Gigabytes of Premium Bandwith through Providers: Level3, ATT, MCI, and Broadwing
*2 MySQL Databases w/ phpMyAdmin
*PHP, ASP, SSI, CGI, Perl, & Python Scripting Support
*Webmail, POP, IMAP, and SMTP
*DNS Spam Blocking (MAPS Spam Protection)
*Secure Shell (Upon Request)
*Mail Listings
*RedHat 9 Server Fully Managed and Patched by Computer Steroids
*FTP Server Backup Space (100 Megabytes)
*Standard Hosting Package
*Sign-UP Form Here

Thanks to all who are interested we look forward to servicing you and want to thank you for your interest! Please feel free to contact us at anytime!

Computer Steroids Team