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    tweaks needed for vBulletin


    I don't want a full blown customization done, I would just like some minor modifications to my tables, some type of border or something. Just a small touch to give it a different feel than the default. I already set the colors, but I would like something else. Could anyone do this for me? Preferably someone with prior VB experience? I would like to keep it to around $20 as this is a personal site.

    You can view it here.

    Edit: Is this a realistic price for what I am asking?

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    Well, what exactly do you need, a kinda layout change, graphics change or actual modificication of vbulletin (ie addin g functions)

    for a layout change that's pretty realistic
    graphics change that's pretty low, but someone may do it
    and for vbulletin modification that's very low

    I could do the first two for you, but i'd need some more info as to what youy'r expecting

    past experience:
    (there are more but my server's down)

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    What you posted is just about what I'm looking for. See how you are using that image for the top row of the table? Something like that is what I want changed. Just to alter it slightly.

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    I'll add you when I get home from work this evening.

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    I could do this quickly and for the price of around $10 or $15

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    could you post your msn address, I think you added me but it said I don't have enough room, sorry

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    msn jhorra

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