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    Thumbs up Host Review: Phima Group

    I asked my host if there was anything I could do to help thank them for handling an issue that occured on my site (someone found a hole in a piece of software I uploaded and decided to get funney with it - which they reversed, patched and informed me about before I even knew it happened.) So here goes:

    Phima Group's services have been excellent since I switched to them over a year ago. They go above and beyond what I experienced and expected with other hosting companies in helping with online applications.

    Essentially I am not a whiz when it comes to technical terms and setting up servers, however some of the programs I have used required installation and databases to be made as well as other aspects I was not familiar with. Phima Group did the work for me, I told them what I had wanted to do with Nuke PHP and they went ahead and took care of the its installation, and told me very promptly what different settings were for different parts of the program.

    With my previous host I had to restart my website over 4 times, which was unacceptable. Three times due to server failure, which lost all my information and I was stuck having to set everything back up - a process that took me hours to begin with and was not too fun to do a second time. Phil Roberts came to me about his services and I signed up.

    Transferring the site was easy; they literally copied my whole site on their servers and setup my newspro program and forum software I was using at the time.

    Other than one server change at the beginning of their business I haven't experienced any downtime for my site. They even reset my site based on a backup made of my site that day; I was informed days in advance of this change, rather than the night before.

    I highly suggest Phima Group's services to anyone setting up a site of any size, they have a friendly group of people willing to help and always let it be known they are available any time, anywhere.

    Ryan Neff
    Creative Director

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    *Chuckie smirks cause he did the install*
    Charles R. Wieland
    Chief Technical Officer
    Phima Group, LLC

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    Thanks Ryan for the review.

    Just so anyone who is interested knows, the site in which he is referring to is
    Affordable and Reliable Hosting

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