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Thread: Whats it worth?

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    Whats it worth?

    Possibly considering selling this site as I don't really have that much time for it anymore - not sure yet though. Most users only use the shoutbox service, so may get rid of all the other stuff first.
    It includes a facility to allow users to pay to remove the "Powered By" links on their sites (could include other ads there) although this is currently not being used.
    All the scripts were written by me just for this site and have not been used elsewhere.

    Anyway... the url is

    What would you say the site is worth if I ever did decide to sell it?

    Oli Allen

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    Do you take coloured stones

    In al honesty, i would say upwards of $100

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    Are the tempaltes are templatemonster affiliate???

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    Originally posted by Jeewhizz
    Do you take coloured stones

    Are the tempaltes are templatemonster affiliate???
    Yeah - not really part of the site at all thouigh - just something I added "because I could"
    Oli Allen

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