I have several inexpensive 1U server's for sale. These are brand new units and fully tested. These are lower end units but would work great for somebody on a budget or who just needs less of a server. Here are some details on these units:

Case: Skyhawk 1U IPC1012L-BK Chassis

Power Supply: Skyhawk 1U 300W Power Supply

Motherboard: Syntax SV8601MP w/ VIA C3 800MHz CPU

Hard Drive: Seagate 40GB 7200RPM 2MB Cache

Memory: 256MB PC133

Price: $300

Shipping from Madison, WI 53704.

Things to keep in mind:

These are an integrated motherboard/CPU. The VIA C3 CPU's are integrated so you wont be able to swap CPU's at a later date for an upgrade or anything. One advantage to the VIA is they are low heat. Reviews on this CPU show that they benchmark right in line with Intel/AMD 800MHz CPU's. I have built several of these up and they run cool, and have been tested with Fedora Core 1. I can't think of anything else you should know about these yet, just keep in mind these are only 800MHz CPU's so they'll work plenty good enough for static web pages but if you get into a lot of dynamic content or database driven websites you may want to ask us for some other options.

I can also configure most any other server you would need and do my best to get you the best price so if there is something else you have in mind feel free to shoot me an email or an IM.

The servers of the above configuration I currently have 3 available immediately. I have enough parts to build 100's of these so if you need any particular quantity let me know and I can let you know how long it would take to assemble them. I can ship to you or to your datacenter.


Mike Steinhilber
MPC Business Services
[email protected]