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    Major mail problems

    I recently copied an account from one Cpanel server to another, and the new one is having some major problems with mail.

    First, I can't check my mail with IMAP. When I try, Outlook says "The server has rejected your login".

    Second, the Horde and SquirrelMail webmail programs don't work; they also show login errors. Only NeoMail works.

    Third, no one is rceeiving mail from my mailing lists, and when I try to create a new list in CPanel, it says its been created but doesn't actually appear anywhere.

    What can I do?

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    Pay someone to fix it? Maybe make your new provider fix it? OR learn how all the servers that cpanel so reliably helps you administer work and fix it yourself.
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    If this only happens on that account, try deleting the mail accounts in cpanel and then re-creating them.

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