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    * [UK Hosting] New Offers! Check inside for more...

    Hello all, has been in business since November 2002, providing UK web hosting. All servers are UK based with 100Mbit fully burstable connections.

    We have recently been given a much larger bandwidth quota and so are lowing our prices.

    We have to pricing options:
    Plan 1: Pay as you go - This is charged at £1 per Gigabyte bandwidth.
    Example: Your site has 4GB Transfer in a month, you will be billed for £4.

    Plan 2: Pre-pay for a set amount - This is charged at £0.75 per Gigabyte bandwidth.
    Example: You require 5GB bandwidth per month. You will pay £3.75. If your site was to exceed your pre-payed amount you will be invoiced £1.50 per extra GB with your next bill.

    Disk Space: Disk Space is charged at £1 per 100MB. This is a one-off setup fee.

    Ping Test:
    Speed Test:

    All accounts come with:
    Language / Database Support
    PHP, CGI and PERL
    Unlimited MySQL Databases
    Frontpage Extensions

    Unlimited Domain Pointers
    Unlimited Site Redirections
    Unlimited Subdomains -
    Full DNS Control

    Unlimited Email Accounts - POP, IMAP and SMTP Access
    Unlimited Email Forwarding
    Unlimited AutoResponders
    Unlimited Vacation Messages
    Unlimited Mailing Lists
    Automatic Email Virus Scanning
    Filters - Setup your own Filters
    Webmail Access

    Unlimited FTP accounts
    Anonymous FTP access

    Other Stuff
    DirectAdmin Control Panel
    Webalizer Stats
    Custom Error Pages
    Site Backup - Automatic weekly off-site backup

    Email/MSN: [email protected] for more info!

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    We also offer Resller hosting at great value

    This advanced option gives you Full Control over your customers. You support, bill and control all aspects of your customers service.

    We supply you with:
    Create unlimited accounts - Create as many accounts as you like!
    Your own Name Servers -
    Your own reseller control panel - control and support your customers.
    Free remote backup - All customers data is automatically backed up.

    You can resell our all of our services included in our shared hosting package. You can sell what you like and at your own prices. Your customers will never know about real hosts.

    There is a monthly fee of 8.00. This includes:
    5GB bandwidth
    1GB disk space.

    Additional bandwidth is billed at 3.00 per 5GB, this is a monthly fee.
    Additional disk space is charged at 10 per 1GB, this is a one-off fee.

    Again please Email/MSN [email protected] for more info.

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