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    Uninstalling MailMon

    Hey ppl,

    Yesterday I just bought MailMon but for my surprise some rumours there were true and my sendmail is all broken, so I need to re-get it.

    How can I un-install MailMon quickly?

    Also, are you people having problems with it? I need to know if it is my prob before asking a refund.

    My emails are all being returned (unrouteable mail domain "XXX))

    - AF
    - Aaron
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    I just started getting that error on 1 server. Mailmon has been working for months with no problems. The restoration depends on if you had a soft-link to exim or an actual executible sendmail. You can restore it. You should also be able to restore by running:


    I don't think the mailperm is required - probably done by exim4. But it can't hurt.

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    Why is mailmon not working any longer?

    MailMon is a great product, but all the sudden, emails sent are coming back with unrouteable errors.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? We had to revert to the standard sendmail, but now mail is on the loose.

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