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    Lightbulb Managed dedicated server to run a Free web space provider site and Hosting site

    I want to run a free web space provider site and also hosting services using a managed dedicated server cause i dont have much knowledge in maintaining server and also my budget is low.

    i wanna use who are providing good service using servers.

    For free space software i am considering

    can you please help with your advice for following

    1. I want to know any other companies who are providing cheap services like angelnetworkz....I like them also but many complain about servers from , so can you advice me with any other companies who are providing cheaper managed server solutions along with servce exactly like angelnetworkz....we can just care abt the sites.

    2. Is there any ther nice script like XPANEL.ORG for providing free space and advertising.any experiences with xpanel

    Thanks for u r time and advice
    Have a nice day

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    I couldn't get to

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    You have to go to

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    If your going to go with Angelnetworkz it would most likely be best if you went with their dallas servers or wait for their New York datacenter to open. Angelnetworkz recently got rid of their tech's at's datacenter so now you have to rely on to do some things, which is not good IMO.
    I would have said get a dallas server from Angelnetworkz, but they will be discontinuing those when they open the new datacenter in New York. So your best option is most likely to just wait for the new datacenter or get a Dallas(TP) server and have then move content on your server from Dallas to the new datacenter.

    Also, you may want to concider having seprate servers for free hosting and paid hosting. Reason being: If someone were to spike the load on the server using a free account your paid hosting customers would get the same low speed.. and speed really matters with paid hosting.

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    Thanks for u r advice

    Thanks a lot for u r advice z280 Hosting

    I will wait untill they set up their Newyork data centre.....
    Hope it doesnt take long..and i am hoping to buy a AMD cause i liked it.

    Wish you luck in ur business
    Take care

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    is it true that angelnetworkz doesnt have anybody posted at managed data center any more?

    current and satisfied customer of and

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    Atm we don't, we are reorganizing everything out there. The servers are built off site and racked by staff.

    They have hired a lot of people lately so we have no need for our own staff there atm. Reboots are a moot point for the most part as most of our servers are hooked up to APC switches for both us and soon clients to reboot themselves when needed.

    The only things needed from managed techs atm are putting the server on the rack, plugging it in and swapping the odd drive if needed. All things they are more than capable of doing both quickly and competently without help.

    We'll have staff back in there when we have our cage built out and our co-location deal nailed down, although we'll still utilise some staff to minimize costs.

    Push come to shove we still have emloyee's near San Jose that can be sent over if needed.

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    Try they have been around for over 8yrs and bring much experience. There are many companies out there that have great pricing what really important however is that you find one that has great pricing but also has a solid network from Solid Providers. Remember most all the smaller hosting companies do not own the network they purchase in bulk from others. So you must look deeper to see what backbone's they are using. Also since u are new you want to find a hosting company that's flexible that's why I recommended

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