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    Need help to get money back from cancelation from AItcom dot net

    I have problem with them ( at very first day, I canceled my plan, and the cancel complete on Apr 02. The QA lady told me that my money return will show up my credit card in 4 to 5 weeks. Now nothng is happening. I call them, no one return my call, I email them, nothing return to me.

    Any one show me how to get my money back, from Aitcom dot net.


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    I would make an effort to make another one or two more calls, and if they still don't respond, call your credit card issuer and request a charge back.
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    yes, and perhaps file a complaint with BBB

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    YES, I would definatly make some more calls to them. I had a tons of problems with AIT myself

    I managed to get everything sorted out with them, but dealing with their customer support was like pulling teeth.

    Best of luck!

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    Search this forum:
    You may find some help.

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    BBB complaints are only useful for taking action. If you've already issued a chargeback, you have your money and no action needs to be taken

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    Thank guys, I did try to email few more times, and phone calls few times, they finally refund my money.


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