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    second HD solution on RH9.

    morning all.

    heres my idea/thoughts, let me know what you think:

    I got a single RH9 machine.

    two 80 gig WD hard drives.

    The /dev/hda HD just has the config files and OS files on it. All user data is stored on a NFS mounted array.

    the /dev/hdb was added later and I havent even mounted/formatted it.

    to make a full "Mirror" back up of this drive, bootable and all I would have to do a dd. Now if the drive fails i would have the physically change the HD in the server but it should be a complete mirror and boot up fine.

    is there any other back up systems I should look at. Would you recommend RH software raid?

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    yeah, try softraid, but you will get slower write speed, which is not fine for /var.

    what about partitinios, what partitions do you have?

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    Don't use dd to back up a live filesystem. You could try something like rsync (this won't take care of the MBR though, so you'll need to install your boot loader manually on the second disk).

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    rsync also isn't good for live system if the system runs database servers, but you don't need dd. you can copy data from primary disk to secondary in init level 1 with cp, mc (use your favourite copy method here and then just install boot loader to mbr of second harddrive.

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