We've currently still have 10ish Raq3 and Raq4's running a few hundred sites in total..

They're ticking timebombs.., there's an outdated 2.2 kernel that's impossible to upgrade without risking destroying the Raq, they lack patches, and the impossibility to make them raid is just waiting for another HD crash to happen..

Thus we're in need to migrate them over to a new and better system..

Does anyone know a way to migrate raq users and sites over to a Directadmin enviroment (And I don't mean by hand.. ), I know there's Cpanel, Ensim and Plesk migration scripts, but that's just choosing the lesser of evils..

Being able to throw out our old raq's and have just 1 good Directadmin server running the accounts would make me sleep a lot better..

Any suggestions ?